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Bermuda & EU Code of Conduct Group Economic Substance Requirements

Bermuda is a world-respected platform for global business that welcomes top-quality corporate brands. The Bermuda government is committed to tax transparency, compliance and implementation of new European Union (EU) requirements. The island implemented reforms with the passage of the Economic Substance Act 2018 and is now offering incentives to affected companies to encourage job creation and help them fulfill their substance obligations.
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The Economic Substance Act 2018 – Technical Alert 02-2019

The Economic Substance Act 2018 (the “ESA”) has been passed by the Bermuda Parliament and, subject to receiving Royal Assent, is expected to take effect for financial periods starting on or after 1 January 2019. The ESA, once adopted, will require affected companies to file annual economic substance returns (“Returns”) with the Bermuda Registrar of Companies (the “Registrar”). The Minister of Finance has issued further guidance under the Economic Substance Regulations 2018.
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New BSX listing sponsor eyes sukuk market – Royal Gazette

New BSX listing sponsor eyes sukuk market Bermudian-based Alexander Securities Limited has joined the Bermuda Stock Exchange as a listing sponsor, and it is seeking to bring new products, such as sukuk listing, to the BSX. Sukuk is a financial certificate similar to a bond, and is designed for institutional investors, such as sovereign wealth funds, big banks, pension funds and those looking for long-term cashflow. “There is a growing demand for these securities to diversify portfolios,” said Belaid Jheengoor, chief executive officer of Alexander Advisory Limited.
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BSX New Listing Sponsor – Alexander Securities Limited – Bernews

BSX New Listing Sponsor: Alexander Securities October 24, 2018 | 0 Comments The Bermuda Stock Exchange [BSX] announced that Alexander Securities Limited [ASL] has joined the BSX as a Listing Sponsor, effective 15 October 2018. In making the announcement, Greg Wojciechowski, BSX President & CEO stated, “ASL joins a growing list of companies that have identified a commercial opportunity to provide their client base with an exciting listing venue alternative, through the BSX.
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